Pekada's Isolation Findings

The Pekada team's findings through isolation!

Pekada’s Isolation Findings

The weekend (May 3rd) saw us mark 100 days since the first recorded case of COVID-19 in Australia and it the restrictions and subsequent isolation has impacted us all. To share a few our personal experiences and also some ideas to assist in getting through this, the Pekada team have had time to sit and think about what they like and don’t like about isolation along with their best tip!


Favourite thing about isolation:

  • Rhiannon: The community spirit that has meant we are thinking of others and devising ways to help, that hopefully will continue after isolation.
  • Pete: Life seems less ‘frantic’ with less things that we can do. We are going on longer family walks on the weekends and I’m reading more (so hopefully I can keep it up once restrictions are lifted).
  • Kirsty: My favourite thing is not having to drive my kids around to extra-curricular activities and school.
  • Mardy: Not having to travel in peak hour traffic everyday.
  • Manu: Commute to and from work.
  • Zac: Get to hang out with my 14 year old dog who’s been unwell recently, so it’s great to be able to spend some more time with him.


Least favourite thing about isolation:

  • Rhiannon: not being able to celebrate milestones in person, and my kids not being able to see family and friends.
  • Pete: Lack of informal face to face conversations with other humans. Video conferencing with family, friends and clients is ok… but a poor substitute for being able to eye ball someone, if you ask me. So many non-verbal nuances are missed.
  • Kirsty: The only thing I miss is going out to dinner.
  • Mardy: Not being able to have foods I am craving for. There have been nights I have been craving fried chicken but couldn’t get my hands on it!
  • Manu: Going out to dinner with friends.
  • Zac: Not being able to see friends or other family members, oh and the fact that I still can’t grow decent facial hair after 6 weeks in isolation.



Number 1 isolation tip!

  • Rhiannon: Remember it’s not ‘Working from Home’ or ‘Home-Schooling’. Both of these things are planned for both mentally and physically. This is being at home during an emergency situation and trying to work and teach your kids. Helps take the pressure off and keep things in perspective.
  • Pete: If you have the ability to do so, then spend some money in your local community. I know that I want to be able to walk down Errol St when restrictions are lifted to a vibrant and buzzing local strip. Every bit counts and the bonus is that the local vendors are up for a chat and full of community spirit!
  • Kirsty: Don’t worry about a messy house, as long as the kids are amused and not killing each other, I’m all good!
  • Mardy: Do something you’re passionate about and wanted to always do that you never had “time” for.
  • Manu: Doing lots of jigsaw puzzles!
  • Zac: Get a good coffee machine!