Financial Planning Services

At Pekada our financial planning solutions provide the clarity, confidence and resources you need to live a rich life that is free of financial stress and ensure you feel money confident.

Our process

Our financial advice process is designed to deliver you financial independence and success. This isn’t a one-time event. We are not here to sell you some product and move on. It’s a relationship.

Our fees

We believe that a clear agreement as to the scope of the work being undertaken and the costs to be incurred, provides a greater degree of certainty and clarifies the expectations of both parties.

In this meeting, we will:

  • Determine any burning issues
  • Define what success looks like
  • Uncover the values that drive you in life
  • Set initial financial goals aligned to your values to start living your best life

We charge a flat fee for our discovery sessions of $440.

This covers the cost of researching, preparing and implementing your financial plan (Statement of Advice) and is based on a set dollar amount ranging from $2,200 – $8,800.

This will vary depending upon the scope and complexity of the advice. Should your circumstances be particularly unique or complex, our fees may vary from this range.

The fee for this service varies and is dependent on the level of support you require and the complexity of your personal situation. We are happy to discuss this aspect of our service with you during the advice process.

We have a tiered structure for our fees which are based on funds under our advice. It may be charged as a set dollar amount (starting from $4,400pa) or a percentage of your investments (up to 1.1% subject to a minimum of $4,400).

Our Expertise

Our focused approach ensures we provide the right knowledge, in the right place, at the right time. We are passionate and determined to achieve your desired outcome - whatever that may be.

If taking full control over your superannuation and retirement plans is important to you then a self managed superannuation fund gives you the flexibility to manage your retirement savings the way you want.

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We take a tailored approach to constructing your portfolio based on your needs and preferences so that you have a portfolio that reflects you and delivers what you need.

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Once you are no longer working you will need an ongoing income so that you can maintain your lifestyle in retirement

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Often referred to as your “nest egg” your superannuation is an important piece of your lifestyle flexibility and retirement puzzle.

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Your income is the foundation upon which your lifestyle and financial goals are built. It’s important to identify, quantify, and track all your income and expenses.

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We understand that while talking about ‘worst case’ scenarios might not be the most exciting topic of conversation, it is a vital part of a sound plan.

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Leverage is about boosting potential returns. Borrowing to invest or gearing provides a tax effective solution to increase the scale of investments for growth minded investors.

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We assist our clients to build, preserve and ultimately pass on their wealth to the next generation.

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