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The Office – December 2021

The Pekada team were not about to let the pandemic keep us down and have been busy.

  • Rhiannon goes back to school: The financial planning profession’s updated code of ethics requires financial advisers to complete a Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority approved degree by 2026 to continue working in the sector. All of the advisers at Pekada are already degree qualified and only need to complete a new ethics subject. Rhiannon has jumped in head first by doing the Deakin intensive structure. We hear that “intensive” is an appropriate adjective for the course and plenty of robust discussions.  
  • We’re back in the office: I don’t know about you, but while Zoom has been a great tool to enable us to connect during the various lockdowns, there is nothing like face-to-face. Good news. The Pekada advisers are back in the office and are available for in-person meetings. If Zoom is still your preference, then no worries at all, as the digital meeting format will continue to be available.
  • Upping our knowledge and skills on behavioural finance: We are committed to continuing to improve skills, and this has recently taken our team on the journey through the world of behavioural finance. Our advice team have all completed an academy immersing themselves in “Values-Based Advice”. It is such an exciting journey, which we are confident will help us support our clients to live richly. To assist us in delivering this to our clients, we have partnered with advice tech business Lumiant, who are doing some pretty amazing things. Lumiant’s philosophy aligns with how we think about financial advice. “Lumiant’s unique process helps clients articulate what really matters to them, so together we can identify priorities, shape strategies and drive action to ensure they live their best lives.” We look forward to bringing this to you in 2022. 
  • A look at the Firetrail Absolute Return Strategy: We have got some feedback that managed investments can sometimes be a little confusing, with one client aptly describing them as a bit like a “black box”. To try and demystify these, we are planning to do regular interviews with fund managers and hear straight from the horse’s mouth about their strategies. So the first cab off the rank is Firetrail investments, with Investment Director Kyle Macintyre talking through their Firetrail Absolute Return Strategy. Video ca be viewed via this link. Being the first attempt, style points are not where we want them to be–but Pete is keen to know if we are on the right track with this type of content. Let him know via email here.