About Us

As a client, you deserve a quality advice partnership that is about more than just the money. We focus our efforts and expertise on what is really important to you.

What we do

A great financial plan is not a single transaction, it is a process. One that is custom fit for you, delivered, implemented and monitored to ensure that the plan remains current and in line with the your goals as your life changes.

The Pekada difference is that we work towards your goals because to us it’s both business and personal. So, how can we help you?

We believe that the pursuit of your purpose, goals, dreams and aspirations can and should be supported by easy to understand, straightforward financial advice. We believe that it is never too early or late to get your finances working for you.

Who we help

For us, it's personal. At Pekada, relationships are our most precious asset. Regardless of what life throws at you, our advisers are here to guide you through all phases of your life.

This is your consolidate and growth phase where it is all about getting balance between a comfortable lifestyle now and setting the right foundations for your long term financial independence and success.

Retirement planning

The right resources and plan can secure your financial independence so that you have lifestyle flexibility and can navigate the retirement puzzle.


"Buying insurance can be a difficult and daunting experience... However I had no such concerns when dealing with Zac Masters from Pekada for my personal insurances. He was informative and helpful at all times – and quick to follow up my requests for further information when needed. At all points along the journey he provided me with various options and was happy to advise me not only on what insurance I needed, but also what insurance I didn’t need.

Also, he was forthright and responsive regarding any difficult conversations or requirements – such as needs for medical files, exclusions, or high risk insurance categories..."

- Steph H.

"Pete has given me financial advice and counsel for almost 13 years. In that time I have found him to be very honest and transparent with a deep knowledge of the financial markets.

He has taken the time to understand my needs, both commercial and personal and provided sound financial advice to suit. I have no hesitation in recommending Pete and his team at Pekada."

-Hillary V.


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