Pekada Team

Meet our team of highly-skilled, intuitive but most of all real people with a genuine interest in what you really want to do.

The Pekada team is driven by a united goal of delivering you a brilliant financial advice experience that supports you in living a rich life. From our most experienced financial advisers to our client service and operations team, everyone on the Pekada team is here to serve you.
  • Rhiannon Kanoniuk
    Rhiannon Kanoniuk


    Rhiannon is Pekada Co-founder and Principal Adviser.

    Having been a financial planner since 2006, she has gained experience through a significant evolution in financial advice and is committed to using this perspective to organise and deliver quality advice outcomes.

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  • Pete Pennicott
    Pete Pennicott


    Pete is a Pekada Co-Founder and Principal Adviser.

    He continually reinforcing how significant the impact a well-executed financial strategy can have on a families quality of life and opportunities they can access.

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  • Zac Masters
    Zac Masters


    Zac is a Financial Adviser at Pekada.

    He has been advising clients since 2015 and is our resident personal insurance and wealth accumulator guru. His loves to keep his finger on the pulse for the best strategies for young Australian’s looking to build and protect their wealth tax effectively.

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  • Kirsty Symons
    Kirsty Symons

    As a Client Service Manager, Kirsty is known for her precision in the ongoing management of client financial planning strategies.

    Armed with a wealth of experience and an innate ability to understand clients’ needs, she ensures plans stay on track.

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  • Mardy Lim
    Mardy Lim

    As a Client Service Manager, Mardy plays a crucial role in nurturing strong client relationships.

    With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to exceptional service, Mardy ensures that every client receives the utmost care and attention.

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  • Manu Nicol
    Manu Nicol

    With over 10 years experience in financial services, Manu is the engine room of Pekada’s client administration and implementation processes. Her deep knowledge and relationships with service and product providers ensures that things run like clockwork.

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  • Sarah Monger
    Sarah Monger

    Sarah is a Paraplanner at Pekada and is responsible for bringing together our advice documents.

    With over a decade of experience in the financial services industry, Sarah’s expertise shines through as she skillfully simplifies complex strategies.

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  • Jackie Pennicott
    Jackie Pennicott

    Jackie is an Administration Assistant at Pekada and been with the team since 2015.

    She is a dedicated financial planning administration assistant committed to providing seamless support and organization to ensure smooth operations.

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