Our Process

Our advice and services are shaped around you. Our focused approach ensures we provide the right knowledge, in the right place, at the right time. We are passionate and determined to achieve your desired outcome - whatever that may be.

Lifestyle Focused Wealth Creation & Management

We believe that financial success is a result of the execution of a sound strategy. We take time to understand what You are working towards with values based conversations, financial solutions designed specifically for you, and simple reporting that gets to the point.

The team at Pekada are united in our belief that Financial Planning is more than just numbers or portfolio balances. It is about what you want out of life. Providing our clients with the lifestyle they desire both today and in the future is central in our holistic approach.

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1 Wealth Health Check

A quick 5 minute online self assessment which highlights the key financial planning areas we can assist with

2 Discovery Meeting

This is where we get to know you, where you are now and where you would like to be.

3 Research & Strategy Creation

Using every tool at our disposal, we investigate the optimum strategies and financial products that will assist you in maximising your wealth.

4 Advice Presentation

After all the work behind the scenes, we will present you with our recommendations in a simple and easy to understand manner - cutting through the noise and complexity.

5 Implementation

We take the time to make sure you understand and are comfortable with all of our recommendations before taking care of implementing the recommendations for you. Our aim is to make this as simple and streamlined as possible.

6 Ongoing Review

Staying on track is important, and we are here with you to make sure not only is your plan followed, but takes into account the inevitable changes in your life and external factors in markets and legislation.

Our fees

Initial discovery meeting:

  • There is no charge for our discovery meeting, as we invest this time to establish whether we are able to assist you.

Financial Plan preparation:

  • The plan preparation fee will vary depending upon the scope and complexity of the advice. The cost of most advice documents we prepare generally falls within the range of $1,650 to $4,400 incl. GST. Should your circumstances be particularly unique or complex, our fees may vary from this range.

Ongoing proactive management and review service:

  • The fee for this service varies and is dependent on the level of support you require and the complexity of your personal situation. We are happy to discuss this aspect of our service with you during the advice process. We have a tiered structure for our fees which are based on funds under our advice:
    • Portfolio administration: 0.55%
    • Financial advice: 1.10%
  • Average annual return of Australian sharemarket from 1983 - 2013
  • 57% of Trustees of established SMSF's are aged 50 and over
  • 44% of people intending to set up a SMSF are under 30yo

Our Expertise

Our services are shaped around you. Our focused approach ensures we provide the right knowledge, in the right place, at the right time.

Self Managed Super Fund

Important things like your SMSF can get as complicated and difficult to manage as you let them.  Pekada planners, are well versed in the strategic, legislative, technical and compliance sides of SMSF so we can take it all off your hands or just one or two in-depth aspects.  It’s up to you.

Pekada are specialists in all parts of the Self Managed Super Fund process and can assist with:

  • Trust Deeds
  • Trustee structure
  • Investment strategy
  • Investment portfolio placement of direct shares, wholesale managed funds and direct investments
  • Contribution Strategy
  • Insurances

With your specific goals in mind, Pekada will weigh up your options, gauge your appetite for risk versus reward and help set you on the path to wherever it is you’re hoping to go.

It’s your future but it’s our partnership and we’re heavily invested in you.

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Investment Management

The only problem with short term gains is that they are, by definition, for the short term.  We’re all for seeing returns as early in the piece as possible but Rome wasn’t built in a day and your personal, sustainable wealth empire needs to stand the test of time.  Consider Pekada your long-term investment advocate and partner in your success.

All investments strategies worth their salt will start with a focus on broad strategies while taking into account the individual’s input and circumstances.  We will start with your objectives while keeping one eye on the why?  By asking more questions, by becoming more familiar with the end goal, we will not only settle on the right strategy, we’ll implement the best one for you.

How will you know that your Pekada investment strategy is on track?  We review the progress made on a regular basis and keep one eye (our good eye) on the investment horizon and income projections.

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Portfolio administration

…And then there’s the paperwork, reporting and researching.  There must be a better way and there is.  We realise that you may not be positioned to immediately immerse yourself in the benefits of prudent investment strategy but now there’s no excuse for losing hours on the admin roundabout.

Pekada offers 24/7 access to the information you need and our “simpler is better” policy ensures reports provide the relevant details most important to you.

Pekada monitors every aspect of your portfolio and ensures that nothing is missed, including opportunities to take time out for you.

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Business succession planning

Are you the heart and soul of your business? The energetic driving force behind a dynamic enterprise?  Have you thought about how to sustain your legacy while transitioning comfortably to the next phase of your life?

These are hard questions that demand similarly frank and straightforward  answers if a seamless exit strategy is to be employed allowing you to focus on the next set of goals on your list. So whether you want to keep your enterprise in the family, see it continue on its current path or wind it down, make your succession planning our next point of business.

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Often referred to as your “nest egg” your superannuation is an important piece of your lifestyle flexibility and retirement puzzle.

We are specialists in ensuring that your super reflects what you want and need. Maximising your opportunities within your super account.

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We understand that while talking about ‘worst case’ scenarios might not be the most exciting topic of conversation, it is a vital part of a sound plan. We take the time to understand what is most important to you and provide solutions on how to protect and minimise the risk.

At Pekada we make it simple to protect your cashflow, family and lifestyle with the right mix of personal insurances including Life, TPD, Trauma and Income Protection.

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Borrowing to invest

Borrowing to invest or gearing provides a tax effective solution to increase the scale of investments for growth minded investors. Through leveraging your contribution it has the potential to magnify your returns, but on the flip side present the risk of magnifying your losses.

We work through all available options with our clients, and provide a detailed risk profiling assessment to understand if gearing is suitable. Our advice solutions include home equity gearing, margin lending and instalment warrants.

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Estate Planning

We assist our personal and business clients  to build, preserve and ultimately pass on their wealth. Our multi-disciplined team has expertise in superannuation, trusts and asset protection allowing us to create tailored succession plans which achieve the outcomes which our clients want.

Our scope ranges from wills, power of attorney, and trusts on the personal side, to key person, buy/sell agreements on the business side of the equation.

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Client Testimonials

  • “I was chatting to a friend about 12 months ago saying I really wasn’t sure what I should be doing with my finances, savings, super, house etc and needed to get my act together.

    He simply said to me go and see Rhiannon, she’s fantastic, she’ll sort you out. 12 months on from our first meeting, I’ve been raving about Rhiannon to all my friends and colleagues ever since! ” Lauren
  • “Pete has given me financial advice and counsel for almost 8 years. In that time I have found him to be very honest and transparent with a deep knowledge of the financial markets. He has taken the time to understand my needs, both commercial and personal and provided sound financial advice to suit. I have no hesitation in recommending Pete and his team at Pekada.” Hillary
  • “Pete's key strength as a FA is the confidence he built with my wife and I through his detailed understanding of his brief. That's both sides of the equation - our needs and aspirations as well as the products/risks etc that might play a part in our overall strategy. He's a pleasure to deal with” Mark

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