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Government COVID-19 Policies

The Government has announced a range of different policies in reaction to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, We will try and update this page as much as possible during the pandemic and please be sure to check the government links we have listed below as these should have the most up to date information.


Federal Government


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The risks with taking your super out now

Let me start by saying that obviously these are crazy times that certainly someone in my generation hasn’t been through before and these times are going to cause huge financial uncertainty and stress for a lot of people. For some people who have financial commitments that they are unable to meet on the jobseeker and different income...

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Does my income protection cover me for COVID-19?

With the likely continued spread of the Coronavirus one question we have been asked quite a lot is whether or not your income protection will cover you for COVID-19. Each individual policy and insurer is slightly different in their definitions but from my research this is what I’ve found. It is very important to check your specific...

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