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January 2020 Investment Update

• Australian asset classes rebounded strongly in January after a weak December. Listed property and equities were supported by a reversal of fears of higher interest rates. • Global equity markets were subdued as the implications of the US-China trade deal sank in, along with rising fear regarding the impact of the coronavirus on Chinese and global…

International Equities January saw equity markets weaken sharply at the end of the month, as the implications of the spread of the coronavirus and the efforts to contain it, started to impact on confidence. China’s equity markets were closed for an extended New Year holiday from 23rd January to the 3rd February. Globally, market volatility rose from…

Australian Equities The Australian market rose 5% (S&P/ASX 200 Index), strongly out-performing other equity markets, thereby reversing the trend of the previous month. The improvement came with falling bond yields. Notwithstanding the strong market performance overall, some 17 companies recently issued downgrades, with an average share price fall on the day of the announcement of 16.5% .…

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Podcast – Property Update With Dave Robbins

  In the latest episode of The Wealth Collective Podcast we talk to Dave Robbins from Performance Property Advisory and BuyerX about all things property. In particular we discuss the concept of rentvesting, general property market update and buying outside of your neighbourhood. If you want to get in contact with Dave you can go to their…

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Best ways to invest for your children

There are many different ways in which you can save for your child’s future with varying levels of risk and implications. The big thing to think about is that because it is likely to be a long term investment it should be invested for growth. Here are a few different options that can work and help your…

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