Buy Victorian - By Pekada

A list of Victorian businesses we are loving and supporting during lockdown.

Buy Victorian – By Pekada

Victoria is heading into stage four lockdown which will hurt a lot of businesses greatly. We are proud Melbournian’s and Victorian’s at Pekada and want to try and spread the word out about great Victorian businesses that are still trading during this time and we would love your help! If there are any businesses that you love what they are doing during lockdown, shoot us an email and we will add them to this list!


Zac: I, like many others, love Melbourne’s many great restaurants and one of the things I have missed the most during lockdown is being able to go out and visit them but during this a new business has started called Providoor, which has heaps of Melbourne’s great restaurants, all on the one sight and they deliver straight to your door and only a little bit of prep work is required to have restaurant quality food in your own home (tipo 00’s pasta is insane) –


Another of the things I am missing during lockdown is been able to go and grab a coffee as easily as before. I’m currently living down the Mornington Peninsula and have loved the beans from Commonfolk Coffee, can order online and get delivered. I am particularly enjoying the BRRR blend at the moment –


One of Australia’s best chef Ben Shewry from Attica is running a soup project where he is selling different soups and using money from that to feed some of the hospitality workers who have been left out of work due to the pandemic but are not entitled to any government benefits –


Following on from restaurants doing good things, Good Gnocchi in Carlton are giving away free spaghetti to people who are struggling financially during COVID, so they are a great takeaway option to continue to support their amazing work –


Rhiannon: I have used Melbourne online paint company Tint during lockdown, was so easy and quick to get samples delivered (as in I ordered in the morning and they arrived that afternoon), and then the paint and full paint kit. Plus for a beginner painter like me their How to guide was really  helpful! Paint was also 99% VOC free so no overwhelming paint smells and kids could sleep in the room that night no problems. –


Pete: I am a big fan of Naked Wines, good wine selection from local producers which aren’t part of the big companies. Feel good vino! –


This one is not a business, but do yourself a favour and add a little variety to your viewing schedule with an online pass to MIFF 68 1/2 – a digital film festival for 2020. We have been warned that there is some content which is not PG13 friendly, so perhaps tuck the kids into bed early! –


As we said at the start, please let us know of any you like and we will add them to the list!