The Office (Pekada edition) - November 2020

The Office (Pekada edition) – November 2020

While the physical office locations have been gathering dust, the Pekada team has been keeping busy working from home. While absence does make the heart grow fonder, I am pleased to report that our regular virtual morning tea is going to be replaced with a very analogue in-person lunch next Thursday. Zac wasted no time after Dan Andrews announced an easing of restrictions to secure our team Christmas Party lunch down in what he describes as God’s Country (Mornington Peninsula) at Ten Minutes By Tractor. Very excited to get the band back together after not being in the office since March, and hope you understand us taking the afternoon out of the office.

  • Pekada’s favourite things of 2020 is worth checking out if you are stuck for gift ideas. The options where money is not an issue really highlight how much the team love to travel. Hopefully this is back on the cards soon!
  • Pete has been participating in the “Adviser Wellness Survey” run by Deakin University and Dr Adam Fraser, a peak performance researcher. This is the first-ever national wellbeing and mental health study for financial advisers. His thoughts and summary the research findings to follow in the next edition.
  • Work from home has been the norm this year and well and truly embraced by the Pekada team. I feel the next iteration of this will be a hybrid of the physical office and “work from anywhere”. So next time you are on a video call with one of the team pay attention to the background. That beachside, outback or in Mardy’s case aurora borealis background may be the real deal! In terms of our team, at this stage (all things going well) we will return to the office in the new year. Not sure what this looks like exactly, but we will be sure to keep you informed.
  • Zac has been putting the hard work nurturing his facial hair for Movember. It is his best effort yet, which makes me think he has a secret weapon hair growth formula.
    • A pretty poor attempt, even with the Vitamins, apologies to anyone who may have had a zoom call with me and has had to look at it! – Zac


  • In case anyone was wondering whether those seedlings planted during lockdown have progressed. It was looking pretty lush prior to harvesting this week!

how it started : how it’s going



  • Zac and Pete reached the 100 episode milestone for The Wealth Collective Podcast, and took the opportunity to record the episode in person (safe distancing of course).



  • The Pekada team participated in the JPMorgan Corporate Challenge which was a virtual event this year. Lots of fun in spite of a very buggy app for us iPhone users. Manu and Mardy swear it was fine on Android, but we will never know for sure. The team got moving with either a walk, jog, or run fpr the same Corporate Challenge distance that has been used since the 1977 debut in Central Park– 3.5 miles or 5.6327 kilometers. To confirm we completed this successfully, we have “finisher” t-shirts as proof and look pretty cool. haha!



Until next time!

-The Pekada team