Superannuation Advice

Often referred to as your "nest egg" your superannuation is an important piece of your lifestyle flexibility and retirement puzzle.

We are specialists in ensuring that your super reflects what you want and need. Maximising your opportunities within your super account as you accumulate your retirement savings.


Why Invest in Superannuation?

Superannuation can be a tax-effective way of building wealth for your retirement. The concessional and in some cases nil tax rates which superannuation enjoys are in contrast to your personal marginal tax rate, which in many cases will be considerably higher.


Smart Superannuation Strategies

Making the most of retirement plan, including super in the lead up to and during retirement should be a key goal for pre-retirees. The more money you can save, the bigger the effect of compounding returns, and ultimately the more you will have to fund the retirement lifestyle you want.

There are a number of smart, tax-effective strategies you could be eligible for and suit your situation – such as:

  • Purchasing insurance through super
  • Consolidating their super into the one account
  • Choosing the right superannuation fund which fits your needs. This means comparing industry, retail, super wraps and self managed superannuation funds.
  • Making extra super contributions and taking up tax advantages
  • Maximising your contribution caps each financial year
  • Selecting the right investment options to meet your retirement goal


Types of Superannuation Contributions

Contributions to the superannuation system are mainly split into two broad groups;

  1. concessional contributions and
  2. non-concessional contributions.

Limits apply to the contributions you can make (both concessional and non-concessional), so you need to make sure you have the right super contribution strategy. You want to add to your super in the way which maximises your after-tax benefit.


Smart Strategies for Transitioning to Retirement

You may have already started thinking about your retirement or winding down your work commitments, but do you know if you’re in a position to get there?

Transitioning to retirement means different things to everybody, so it’s crucial to find the right solution for your needs.

You may want to consider reducing your work hours in the lead up to retirement, increasing your salary sacrificing, or taking advantage of a transition to retirement income stream.

There are a number of smart and tax effective ‘moving into retirement’ strategies that aim to maximise your retirement while maintaining your current income.


Want to Know More?

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