The Pekada Office Update – July 2019 edition

Well we certainly have been busy in the office…..

None more so than our head honchos Rhiannon and Pete. We would love for you to join us in congratulating them on being proud parents to a beautiful baby girl. Mette Elizabeth Pennicott arrived with a full head of hair (probably more than Remy has at 18 months) on 19th July 2019 at 1:17pm, weighing in at 3.43kgs. We can’t wait for her to come into the office for a visit! Both Rhiannon and little Mette are doing great. I think you’ll agree with us that she is absolutely adorable. By all reports young Remy has been a very sweet big brother (most of the time).

A little info on the meaning of the name from… The name Mette is a girl’s name of German, Scandinavian, Norse origin meaning “pearl”. Apparently also a Scandinavian variant of Margaret, and is pronounced MEH-teh or MET, rhyming with jet. We also hear that she shares her name with the youngest ever Prime Minister of Denmark.

New branding and website
In other news we’ve been working on an update to the Pekada brand which you will see in future correspondence. We are loving it and are proud to share this with you. If you follow the below link you can see a little bit more about what this looks like and get a preview what is being rolled out. There is also a new website in the works which all going well will be online in the next couple of months. We will keep you informed to avoid any confusion or certainty that you are on the correct site. In the meantime there is plenty of fine tuning to be had and as always we welcome your feedback. Check out the new Pekada brand here.

The Pekada Chilli Challenge

There is regularly banter in the office amongst the team about who can handle more heat. For a bit of fun we thought we would settle the argument once and for all. The outcome left one of the team in some pain for the next 24 hours and another barely raising a sweat.  You catch have a laugh and watch the team try and answer questions whilst sampling some serious hot chilli!


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For those of you that don’t know, Pete and I have been doing a weekly podcast for a little while now and would love for you all to tune in and give us some feedback! We cover all different types of current financial topics and are open to any suggestions for future topics that you may have. Listen here!

Footy tips leaderboard update

The season in drawing to a close and with some great prizes on offer it is getting serious for the tipsters at the top of the ladder.

We currently have a tie at the top between super Chippy Matto and Jordan Masters with eastsideboy hot on their heels. With prizes and bragging rights on the line we will watch with great anticipation for the final few rounds. The best of the Pekada team is back in 10th place with Rhiannon flying the flag!

Until next time!
Zac Masters | Financial Adviser

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