Budgeting for your next family escape

Travelling with family can often become quite an expensive ordeal. From flights and accommodation to travel insurance and luggage, the expenses required to turn your dream holiday into a reality quickly start to add up, especially if you are taking your adventure international! Since the team here at Pekada are big believers in the old saying ‘work hard, play hard’, we have taken the liberty of unpacking the most affordable ways you can budget for your next family getaway, without breaking the bank! Here they are…

Make a plan

To many of us, the idea of planning a family holiday often comes in the form of a few suggestions to “go somewhere hot with a nice pool.” Sound familiar? Well, we are here to tell you that while sunny days by the pool may be your ultimate holiday goal, your plan to get there will need to be a little more robust if you are to get the best bang for your buck. Diving into specificity with dates, locations and number of travellers will enable you to actively seek out the most attractive deals that match your travel criteria, plus you’ll benefit from the usual ‘early bird’ sale prices that come with forward planning!

Don’t forget about the necessities 

Alongside this plan, it is also important to consider the financial implications associated with the fine print, particularly for international getaways. Whether it be travel insurance, immunisations, passport renewals or VISA applications, your budget must extend to include the behind-the-scenes details you won’t see on Instagram. Jumping on these necessities early is the most efficient way to cover all of your bases and ensure your family’s safety and comfort.

Track your spend

It may sound daunting, but tracking your weekly spend will make budgeting for your next getaway far more achievable. With a busy family lifestyle it’s easy to become tangled up in an overwhelming cash flow web, particularly when direct debits come into play. Tracking your spend will not only allow you to regain control over your finances, but will also enable you to assess areas of your budget that can be manipulated and modified to contribute to your holiday kitty. 

Give your credit card the flick

Yes, you can do it! Ridding yourself of your credit card will make budgeting for your next holiday a much more efficient process. While you will still need to settle any outstanding credit card debt, giving your credit card the flick and shuffling your finances around in its place will greatly benefit your holiday cause. Here at Pekada, we understand that in many cases, saying goodbye to your credit card is not always as simple or easy as it sounds, which is why we also encourage you to give us a call! Tailored to suit your needs, the team behind the scenes can help you kick your credit card debt in the butt so you can focus on giving your family the holiday they deserve.

As always, if you have any questions or comments regarding budgeting for your next family holiday, please don’t hesitate to contact me at pete@pekada.com.au.

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